WTC Chartered Professional Accountant Weekly Webinar Series

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JUNE 12 2018

8:00 PM

How to Manage Taxes and CRA Audits for a Small Business Owner

Who should attend?

Small business owner and entrepreneur who are looking for professional guidance in managing their company’s taxes and potential CRA audits. We will focus on 3 key area – Corporate Tax, Payroll, and GST/HST.

We will show you how most small businesses are not doing their taxes properly which result in thousands of tax interest and penalties being spent each year. We will teach you the most effective way of preparing yourself against the top red flag audit triggers so you can defend your business against possible CRA audits down the road.

You do not want to miss this webinar event!


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The leading authority in helping small business owners overcome the day-to-day challenges in managing a company’s books and taxes. With 10 years of experience serving small businesses, Will Chong understands the struggles that an entrepreneur goes through. He offers a customized solution for each company so that business owners have more time to focus in growing the business rather than spending hours each month doing bookkeeping. Will Chong is also an expert in corporate tax planning and has helped small businesses save thousands of dollars each year by advising customized tax strategies and structuring companies in a tax efficient manner.