Sole Proprietor

We offer the following services for sole proprietors:

Self-employment tax return

Working for yourself comes with many tax advantages that you wouldn’t otherwise be entitled to as an employee. We will show you the tax compliance requirements as a self-employed person and what you can do to minimize your taxes.

Sales tax return

Self-employed individuals are required to charge sales tax if the annual revenue exceeds a certain threshold. You are liable for any sales tax that you did not to collect. We will explain the sales tax requirements and file the tax return for you.


Incorporation provides many benefits such tax savings, tax deferral, credit protection, limited liability, and more. We offer in-depth analysis for self-employed person to determine if incorporation is right for you.

Unfiled tax return

The penalties and interests for not filing a self-employment tax return could be substantial. Interests continue to accrue until the tax return is filed and all outstanding balances have been paid. We can help to ensure your taxes are up to date.

CRA audits

You are being audited because your self-employment tax return was done incorrectly or you have randomly been selected for audit. We understand the audit procedure and are experienced dealing with the CRA. Let us represent you and provide you with a peace of mind.

Partnership tax planning

Pooling together talents and finances is a great way to run a business. However, the tax rules surrounding partnership is complex and the penalty for non-compliant could be substantial. Our partnership tax experts can help you navigate through this.

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