We offer the following personal tax services:

Personal tax return

Preparing a personal tax return could be daunting if you are not an accountant. Our firm has extensive knowledge in personal tax and will maximize the tax deductions and tax credits that you are entitled to. Let us take care of your personal taxes for you.

Non-resident rental tax return

The tax rules for a non-resident who own rental property in Canada are complex. The work involved to meet the CRA requirements are cumbersome. We will breakdown the process and show you how to streamline it. We’ll also handle all the tax forms and tax returns for you.

Estate tax planning

Passing down your estate is an important financial and personal decision. We will help you minimize tax on transfer of assets, achieve income splitting with family members, and reduce taxes upon death.

Unfiled tax return

The penalties and interests for not filing a personal tax return could be substantial. Interests continue to accrue until the tax return is filed and all outstanding balances have been paid. We can help to ensure your taxes are up to date.

CRA audits

You are being audited because your personal tax return was done incorrectly or you have randomly been selected for audit. We understand the audit procedure and are experienced dealing with the CRA. Let us represent you and provide you with a peace of mind.

Immigration and emigration

Whether you are leaving or entering Canada, planning ahead is critical to minimize taxes. We can go through the tax compliance requirements of ceasing or becoming a resident in Canada and devise a tax planning strategy to avoid double taxation.

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