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We are proud to be one of Canada’s most innovative online accounting firms in Ottawa with expertise in providing custom-tailored accounting and tax solutions through our virtual online accounting system.
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Our strong background in technology combined with Chartered Accountant qualification enable us to be a virtual CPA firm in Ottawa that our clients would continually want to partner with.


Why Online Accounting Over Traditional Accounting Firms

Go paperless

We know as Ottawa Chartered Accountants, one of the complains that come with traditional accounting firms is the paperwork! It is time-consuming, messy, difficult to organize and keep updated regularly.

Our clients dislike the burden that paperwork brings as much as we do. By using a Ottawa virtual CPA firm or an online accounting firm, your bills, receipts, and records are digitalized and stored in real-time in the cloud accounting software. They are ready to be used anytime, without the hassle of tracking the right document.

It saves office storage space and in a city like Ottawa, this is great news, especially for small to medium size businesses.

Offers real-time transparency

The cloud accounting software allows real-time updating of your digitized records, this means complete transparency at all stages of accounting. Since the records are centralized, it is easily accessible and accounts for high accuracy in the process. The real-time nature of the system allows our Ottawa Chartered Accountants to provide you with actionable insights on an on-going basis that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish with traditional accounting firms in Ottawa.

Allows you to focus on what’s important

Our clients don’t waste their time sending out documents and records or use their precious working hours following up with our Ottawa Chartered Accountants on important documentation.

The time saved allows our clients to be highly efficient with their time and focus on what matters to the business. This efficiency becomes crucial and simplifies a process like bookkeeping, payroll, and corporate taxes for businesses in Ottawa.

Enables mobility

Our clients in Ottawa, need not be in the city to get their tax and accountancy inquiries sorted. Our collaboration with cloud accounting software providers offers our clients the flexibility of accessing the services of our virtual CPA firm on-the-go.

Learn more about the benefits of opting for services of a virtual CPA firm in Ottawa.


Here Is How Our Online Accounting Firm Get Access To Your Records

Our primary services offered in the Ottawa area includes Cloud Bookkeeping, Payroll and Corporate Tax. For these services, you can provide your records as follows:

  • Simply take a photo of your hard copy receipts and invoices and the documents will uploaded to the cloud
  • Link business bank accounts and statements to the online accounting platform. Any new transaction is automatically updated in the online accounting system, in real-time.
  • Send a digitized copy of your online invoices at the designated email address to keep your records updated

Cloud bookkeeping

Use cutting edge cloud technology to achieve maximum efficiency.


All-in-one payroll solution from payroll set up to filing the T4.

Corporate tax

Implement tax strategies to optimize company’s taxes.

Real-time access

24/7 real-time access to financial data on any device.

Financial statements

Monitor the company’s financial health and performance.

Unlimited support

Support on general accounting and tax queries.

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