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Our talent pool consists of business tax accountants, technology specialists, and small business accountants providing services to businesses in Edmonton. We take pride in delivering a custom-tailored solution that matches your business' accounting and taxation needs.
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Here is what you can expect from us at WTC Chartered Professional Accountant.


Cloud Bookkeeping

With your digitized records synced to the cloud accounting system, we can access your company’s latest transactions and invoices directly from our end. This information is used by our small business accountants in Edmonton to assist you with your books.

Cloud Bookkeeping increases efficiency and accuracy in recording business transactions compared to the manual processes and it allows scalability which is a great benefit for growing businesses with an increasing volume of transactions.

Since the records in the cloud accounting system are updated in real-time it offers protection against future CRA audits.

Learn about our Cloud Bookkeeping packages here.



If your business is looking to outsource the payroll function, our payroll services in Edmonton may be the right choice for you. Our small business accountants offer an end-to-end solution that helps with the set-up of payroll accounts for employees and manages the entire T4 process. The payroll infrastructure is set up to integrate with your cloud accounting system to enhance accuracy of bookkeeping records. Since payroll is set up on the cloud, your employees can access all historical pay stubs and T4 slips directly online.

With our small business accountants taking care of all payroll functions for your business, you can focus on building your small business to new heights.

Learn more about our Payroll packages here.


Corporate Tax

With complicated corporate taxation laws here in Canada, it can be difficult for businesses to navigate the legalities to identify the right tax strategy. At WTC, your assigned business tax accountant in Edmonton is trained to develop the most favourable tax strategy for your business and discover new approaches to optimize your company’s taxes.

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Real-time access

We have partnered with our cloud accounting service providers to offer the best solution for your business. Based on your business needs, our business tax accountants and small business accountants will update your records on a regular basis. You will have access to your company’s financial records 24/7, in real-time, and on any device.


Financial Statements

Our small business accountants will prepare financial statements on a regular basis on the cloud accounting system so that you can monitor the financial health of your business and optimize its performance as necessary.


Unlimited Support

We know that you’ll have questions along the way. Our business tax accountants and small business accountants in Edmonton will be here to provide support every step along the way. You can reach out to us at anytime for general accounting and tax queries about your business.


Cloud bookkeeping

Use cutting edge cloud technology to achieve maximum efficiency.


All-in-one payroll solution from payroll set up to filing the T4.

Corporate tax

Implement tax strategies to optimize company’s taxes.

Real-time access

24/7 real-time access to financial data on any device.

Financial statements

Monitor the company’s financial health and performance.

Unlimited support

Support on general accounting and tax queries.

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