Our process begins with a deep understanding about you and your business.

Step 1: Discovery

During our call, we learn the ins and outs of your business, what your needs are, and how we can help you. We may ask a million questions which may seem like an overkill, but this step really allows us to dive in and see where to go next.

Step 2: Review

What is your current accounting setup? We’ll take a peek under the hood of your accounting system and uncover any outstanding issues. Do we need to clean up your data or start fresh? Are you behind on taxes? This is when we start to set our game plan in motion.

Step 3: Proposal

We pore over our notes, go over the packages, and recommend one that is right for you. Each package can be customized based on your specific business needs. All prices are provided upfront. No hidden fees. No long-term contract.

Step 4: Let’s get started

Once you have accepted our proposal, we’ll schedule a kickoff meeting and get you started. We’ll go over who does what, when deliverables are due, so that we can collaborate effectively going forward.

Our Services

We use modern day cloud accounting technology to create a customized solution that will take your business to the next level.

We are an online CPA firm

Thinking of moving your system online? Here are some of our favourite cloud accounting apps.

Resources for your business

We offer a range of resources to help you better manage your company’s finance.

What our clients are saying about us

Quick responses and professional. Recommended.
Michael Chan
19:44 15 Jan 20
Excellent service. Professional and friendly staff that are great for businesses! I would really recommend WTC Chartered Professional Accountant.
Xavier Gill
07:02 16 Oct 19
I was looking for an accountant for my business and came across WTC. The team was great and the advice I got from William was extremely helpful. Great work and I highly recommend!
Henry classen
06:59 16 Oct 19
William has been extremely helpful and always took the time to explain the different tax implications for my business situation.
Tess Allen
15:06 22 Mar 19
WTC Chartered Professional Accountant is the best accounting firm that suits my needs because they operate in the cloud, which makes them super convenient. They also offer a variety of services and have helped my small business with payroll, bookkeeping, and filing for tax returns. I was referred to them by an former colleague who runs his own company now. If you are a fellow small business owner, I’d definitely recommend you these guys!
Deven Knill
01:30 03 May 18
Excellent experience dealing with these highly competent accountants! William from WTC Chartered Professional Accountant figured out the best approach to handle my company’s accounts so I could get the most money. I had no idea about the various tax deductions and credits that were available. They are also priced well. I highly recommend them!
Harleigh Keriazes
20:36 13 Apr 18
A great accounting firm to work with! From setting up the online meeting to getting a custom-tailored service, I have loved every aspect of hiring these guys for handling the accounts of my plumbing business. The staff at WTC was also pretty accommodative of my schedule.
Emily Goodwin
15:27 13 Apr 18
The process of setting up a meeting and understanding the scope of work was very simple - you schedule an online meeting, you show up and ask them unlimited questions (yes, I had that many!), and then the WTC team gives you a customized solution. Their staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable.
Ashi Sadana
20:21 12 Apr 18
What I love about WTC is that the firm allows me to actually concentrate on running my business without worrying about bookkeeping and taxes. I was worried at first since I had heard rumours of CRA targeting new start-ups. The team at WTC took the time to understand my concern and explained the entire process. I am truly impressed with the amazing service so far. Thank you!
Ellie Abraham
21:15 06 Apr 18
I was referred to WTC Chartered Professional Accountant by a close friend recently as I was in a severe need of a tax accountant as the tax deadline was approaching. William and his team helped me with my case and got my taxes in a timely manner. Also, he took the time to explain to me every step and made sure that I was onboard with everything. Great work, you guys! Please keep it up!
Niki Harju
14:40 06 Apr 18
If I could give them more than 5 stars I definitely would! WTC Chartered Professional Accountant is the best accounting firm I’ve came across. Being a small business owner, I have dealt with a lot of accounting firms in the past, but the experience I had with WTC was out fantastic. The team at WTC was prompt with their service and was extremely friendly. I bombarded William with a ton of questions related to tax filings and bookkeeping, and he answered them all without any hesitation. I must say that his knowledge in these matters is beyond amazing.
Mike Arteaga
17:29 07 Mar 18
I am very pleased with and highly recommend the accounting and consulting services WTC has offered. William manages my taxes, financial statements and corporate filings so that I can have peace of mind to concentrate on my other aspects of my business. He also provided me with invaluable, actionable advice on methods to streamline and expand my business.
Kelton F
17:11 14 Feb 18
I needed a new accountant and found WTC online. It has been the best decision choosing this firm. William and his team was courteous and professional. I recommend WTC Chartered Professional Accountant for excellent accounting services.
Emily R. Groleau
00:00 05 Feb 18
I highly recommend WTC Chartered Professional Accountant to any small business owners. William and his team Viraj and Mohamed have been very helpful in organizing all my bookkeeping needs and advised on different solutions to optimize my company’s taxes.
Anna Arzoumanian
21:05 02 Feb 18
The team at WTC did an amazing job helping my online business set up everything I need. Mohamed and William helped me incorporate my business, set up payroll and did the bookkeeping and year-end tax return. I recommend WTC Chartered Professional Accountant to anyone who needs an accountant to help set up their business.
17:36 18 Jan 18
My previous accountant did a horrible job and basically did not file my taxes for the last 2 years, which caused me a lot of trouble with the CRA. It is then, that I decided to find a new accountant. I am very happy that I reached out to WTC. William and his team handled everything for me which went smoothly and efficiently. I definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an accountant.
Beth W
16:47 16 Jan 18
William is a great accountant and consultant. He helps me with my accounting, and also gives excellent advice on ways to expand my business; and how to run my business more efficiently. I highly recommend him.
Conor Gray
21:39 13 Jan 18
The team at WTC is very professional and knowledgeable. All the work they have provided me has been quick and accurate. They never disappoint with my accounting needs.
Sonia Yooshing
19:56 30 Dec 17
If you are not a financial or accounting person, contact WTC! Their staff explained and made sure I understood the entire process. From start to end, William and his team guided me through as to what I should do. They are patient and would answer all my questions.
Will Powell
22:13 29 Dec 17
I am very pleased with the accounting and consulting services WTC has offered. William manages my bookkeeping with online softwares which is super convenient to use. He also provided me with some professional advice on how I can expand my business.
Maria Tote
17:48 29 Dec 17
The staff at WTC take the time to walk through every necessary process for my business. I’m not just talking about filing my year end tax return, but also helping me set up an inventory count system, employee payroll, and bookkeeping, just to name a few. They are truly great accountants!
Atyia Police
17:54 15 Dec 17
William is reliable and very insightful. He tailored my accounting needs based on the type of business I’m in. Unlike traditional accounting, he uses online cloud based softwares, making my daily accounting tasks simple and hassle free. Absolutely great service from WTC Chartered Professional Accountant.
Wayne Wu
06:11 14 Dec 17
My friend recommended WTC to me, and I can see why it was so easy for her to refer the firm. We had a couple initial meetings to discuss and analyze what would be the best accounting approach and the different softwares that would help run my business smoother. It was easy and simple to set up because William guided me throughout. I too would highly recommend WTC Chartered Professional Accountant.
Michelle Novielli
21:24 13 Dec 17
William is knowledgeable and was able to help me with my accounting. He's very tentative and was able to pick up on details about my business that I didn't even realize I could save money on. I am so happy I found him as my accountant!
Mardi Morrison
21:15 23 Nov 17
I have been using WTC Chartered Professional Accountant for a year now, and I can honestly say that William offers quick and accurate solutions. His cloud based accounting softwares are amazing, as it made my life much easier dealing with my day to day accounting transactions.
Carissa Vicencio
17:03 21 Nov 17
I am compelled to write this google review because William has exceeded my expectations in what I look for in an accountant. He took the time to listen to my concerns and came up with an innovative cloud-based accounting solution, which saved me a lot of time and hassle. I would definitely recommend him.
deeksha miglani
02:46 17 Nov 17
Great service, vast knowledge and follow up throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend WTC Chartered Professional Accountant
Chun Long So
21:49 11 Nov 17
William is a very personable and knowledgeable accountant. When I first started my business he provided me a clear outline of my responsibilities and benefits of owning my own business. I would recommend him for your small business accountant work.
Alvin Chung
20:04 31 Oct 17

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